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In Which Compassion is Introduced

Updated: Feb 4

A working definition of compassion is framed as a 'discrete and evolved emotional experience'. Compassion is conceived as a 'state of concern for the suffering or unmet need of another, coupled with a desire to alleviate that suffering' (Goetz et al., 2010).

Is Compassion Universal?

A key question in the broader literature on emotion centers on whether culture influences the experience or expression of emotion. This can also be applied to compassion.

Scientific studies show that our experiences shape who we are. How we understand ourselves and our environment is influenced by culture and a uniform, imperishable nature of interdependence.

Our interaction with compassion is mirrored in our understanding of compassion and thus reflected in a comprehensive, universal representation of compassion. It can be argued that the amount, or lack of, exposure to experiences of compassion ultimately dictates the feasibility of global compassion.

The Case for Compassion

Ubuntu. I am because you are.

At we are curious about the brilliance of compassion! We bring attention to the qualities of compassion and treat it as an underlying prerequisite for purposeful existence. We are motivated by the motion for the human Right to Development and where compassion operationalizes it.

We invite you to be part of a community that prospers in our international conversations and action in enhancing global compassion.

Takeaway questions -

What is my role in global compassion?
Is compassion inalienable, too?
Where is human rights development a result of compassion?

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