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How we got our start

Since meeting in 2013, Nick and Princess share a story of true love, raw friendship and daring adventures. They share their dreams and their lives with each other, travelling the world and living the art that influences them. They have promised one  another the world, committing their lives to God and then each other, in public and in private. Their autonomous creative nature combined are antithetical. This unmatched energy is the strength by which they choose to express the strange and complex stories the world depicts.

Nick is bold and hardworking; competitive, determined and driven by love. His dark humour and plotted storytelling fashions his Detective Amanda Godspeed trilogy: Oxford Botswana Murders, Murder in the Italian Garden and The Cuban Stamp Affair. Nick enjoys painting illustrations of the seaside, old churches and muses.

Princess’ debut poetry pamphlet is a collection of Haiku that is due for release in Winter 2023/2024. Her second collection of work, Sitting, will be published for release later in the Spring of 2024. Her colourful acrylic paintings mirror her fashion sense. Princess is a gifted dancer who is wise, gracious and strategic-minded. Princess is the funny one.

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